Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Indoor gardening

As predicted, the weather's turned and whilst I could happily work outside in the drizzle, I am not too keen on the bitingly cold wind which accompanies it.

Instead, there is indoor gardening. About time I dealt with a little problem - the box in the fridge was taking up far too much space which ought to be used for beer and needed a damn good sort out.

Took Hazel's suggestion to organise things by sewing sowing month. However, before I did that various bags and packets had to be sorted properly. Still haven't finished - who knew trying to sort seeds could take so long?

The other part of indoor gardening today was assembling this and trying to get to grips with the destructions:

Decided it would be cheating to mark today as a 'green dot' on the calender.


  1. I think it merits a small green dot.

  2. I am blushing as my seed collection is much bigger than yours :)


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