Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hobbit Hills

After two years, it's about time this fabulous view was properly identified, and thanks to Roger, Ann and Ian, that has now been accomplished - only putting on the labels will take longer than I can spare today.

This one really does need a 'click to enlarge' moment


  1. I could gaze at that for hours.

    I sure am looking forward to springtime in your garden. I am not complaining that I am not having to do the work - not really - but I sure would love to be able to smell the dirt.

  2. I could gaze at that for hours.

    Trouble is Penny, we do - and that is why it takes so long to accomplish anything!

  3. Is this the view from your home? Could heaven be any better? ;)

  4. Sorry Lesley, yes - our view includes (but is not limited to) all those fells. Heaven could be better - there would be no housework, no grocery shopping, and all the hard work in the garden would be done!


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