Sunday, 14 March 2010


Shouting and much jumping up and down with childish excitement, I've waited a long time for this. Although we didn't have a plan or firm idea of what would be accomplished today, Management was keen to push on as much as possible.

Friendly neighbours were nabbed early on and helped support two sides and two ends as we bolted the main sections together. There was some calculated scheming going on when I asked C & P for help - she desperately wants a greenhouse, he doesn't . . . however he seemed impressed with how ours was going together and I overheard some very positive comments from him to Management.

If it looks crocked - that is because it is. No chance of getting anything level on this lawn.

A couple of hours later - ta da! I thought it would be staying like this for the week because I couldn't cope with its weight and help Management put it on the base. Fortunately, one of his mates dropped by and with much hilarity this was the result:
"Do you think she'll notice if we just take this up the road to my house?"

Next week we have to bolt it to the steel base and get the glass in (if only those two crucial tasks could be accomplished as quickly as they can be typed!) It looks quite wonderful and I may have to go outside and pat it gently before bedtime.


  1. Wow, that does look impressive. I'm champing at the bit down here now - I'd love to come and help as I feel a bit left out!

    After two years of preparation everything now seems to be moving along at a frighteningly fast pace. I think you will have Bag End tomatoes and cucumbers this year.

  2. As nice as it is I'd stop inside and pat Management gently instead, it looks like he's earned it ;-)

  3. James - we've timed this beautifully. It will be ready for the SWA on your next visit ... we'll have to have a chat and you can remind me what I need to order.

    Angela - he has a vested interest in getting this done for me. As soon as all my gardening junk is out of the garage he can start building motorbikes in there!

  4. Coo - it's HUGE! {gg}

    Looks like its been a lovely communal day - had you managed to get the glass in I would have laid bets on you sleeping out in it tonight!

    Is bolting to the base a one hobbit job, or will the next stage have to wait till next weekend?

  5. Thanks Hazel, you're right, it was a lovely day.

    Bolting down is Hobbit plus Orc because we have to drill through that huge steel box section. I'd have a go at the glass on my own but not that much drilling!

  6. Woww, what a lovely size guest-house you've built. When will you start taking bookings?

  7. Woo hoo, that looks magnificent, have you been in it yet? It's surprising how nice it feels even when it's just a frame! Not sure I'd have liked to move the thing in one piece like that, once we got to the standing up bits we built it on the base. Full marks to management and his pal for getting it moved! Looks like it fits nicely too :o).

  8. I agree SewAli, building the frame "off base" seemed strange to me but that's what the destructions said. Yes of course I have been in it - Mgt had trouble getting me out of it!

    Dear Tender Perennial - you have a standing invitation, kettle's on chuck!

  9. You had yourself an old fashioned barn raising!! You are doing so much work and it all looks terrific. I am more impressed than I can say. I can't wait to see spring from your side of the pond.

  10. Looks fantastic and huge!!! When can I order my veg box online? Sarum

  11. Hi Sarum, haven't you persuaded that handy husband of yours to grow all your veg? I seem to recall he rather liked gardening once upon a time ...

  12. Wow! This is a ginormous greenhouse. Lots of possibilities there.


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