Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Fence, part 1

Very productive day and I didn't have to do anything except make a couple of decisions and supply lots of tea & coffee.

Before: A horrible mess.

(under the blue tarp is 30 barrow loads of manure)


After: all posts in and about half of the rails. Tomorrow will see the remainder of the rails fixed, posts levelled and capped. The soil will still be a horrible mess but at least I now have the fence as a guide to work to when digging.

Now to order a roll of windbreak netting. Not only will it protect whatever hedge I get planted on the inside of the fence (whenever that might be . . .) but it also gives us instant screening and a bit of privacy.


  1. er ... that isn't supposed to be lawn under all those twiggy bits is it?

    I love 'ranch' fencing - yours looks very smart. You don't have to paint it all do you? Hope not - and you can then tick another job off the list.

  2. No, it's supposed to be flower bed ......

    At least now that I have boundaries defined and (after tomorrow) no more workmen with size 12 boots clumping all over the soil I can make a start on digging it over and removing the ivy, escallonia root and other rubbish. With any luck {grin} the side nearest the pavement might be finished in time to plant daffodil bulbs in the autumn.

    It has been pressure treated so won't need anything for this year.

  3. Having derided your efforts with the stump, I hope that you will forgive me tomorrow morning...

  4. All that time in the kitchen Aunty Bilbo and you didn't make me any biscuits. I'm very upset. WOOF Hattie

  5. Sorry Hattie, I have obviously failed as an Aunty. What do we have to do to get your Mummy to look after you properly?

  6. You could start by making me more biscuits WOOF WOOF. XXXX

  7. Progress all the time, it's looking good.


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