Monday, 8 March 2010

Excellent start to the week

Another 5.00am start (showing solidarity with Management as he set off for London). I should have been bleary eyed and tired but instead, today I've managed to:

* order additional capping bars for the greenhouse (we've decided as they are an option we'll take everything we can get to strengthen and stabilise the frame; easy on a sunny Spring day to forget just how windy it can be in winter)

* order 1,000 litre IBC "cubie" to catch water from greenhouse roof

* order bulk bags of limestone chippings and bark chips

* local builder/plastering expert turned up when expected (this is not like Cumbrian workmen!), now waiting for quotes for en-suite walls and raised beds outside so that I can grow climbers up the canopy and wisteria over the front of the house

* marked out where new fence is going at front of garden seeing as I'm promised that tomorrow it really will arrive (trying not to be cynical, it was promised three weeks ago ...)

On top of that I got all the laundry done and dried (feeling pathetic to be so pleased at having a new washing machine), a quick flit around Sainsbury's and assemble an embarrassingly large amount of the new jigsaw. If only I could be as efficient on the computer and catch up on my email. Suspect I will sleep quite soundly tonight!


  1. Oh but I wish I could pop up this weekend - but it's Mothers' Day and having skipped it last year I would end up well and truly in the dog house.

    It sounds like lots will be happening at Bag End in 2010.

  2. Crikey, I'm exhausted now from reading what you've achieved in one day.

  3. That's what happens when you get an early start to the day.

  4. and also what happens when you stay off the computer and don't get sidetracked by gardening blogs, interesting websites .....

  5. ...stay off the computer and don't get sidetracked .....

    Ah, so THAT'S what I'm doing wrong!


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