Thursday, 4 March 2010

Day Off

Drop-dead gorgeous weather and a more dedicated soul than I would have gone off fellwalking, but I needed a bimble-around-at-home-relaxing day.

This is relaxing?

Wash dining hall floor, move furniture, crawl around on hands and knees to trim quilt involving devices such as a 90 degree laser level to ensure the corners are square. All of a sudden it looks rather less than its 79" square.

Make binding, attach by machine, wonder how many weeks it will take to hand finish it?

Why does it take so long to get (belated) birthday gifts wrapped up and sent to the States?

Took the time to fix a Delia favourite for lunch, it is years since I made this and had forgotten about it until I watched the "Delia through the Decades" programmes recently. In the words of the Great Woman - how can something THIS SIMPLE taste this good? Sat outside to eat - first al fresco lunch of the year!

And then just for once, I did what everyone is always telling me I should do - sat on the balcony in the sun and just looked at the view.

There's no getting away from it - this picture is useless unless you click on it


  1. The quilt is gorgeous, the view is fantastic, but what was the lunch?

  2. Morning QuiltSue, the lunch was the "Delia favourite" link to a recipe on her site

  3. Have you tried the lemon curd cake from one of those books? (I think it's the summer collection). Absolutely yummy - now if only Bag End could grow lemons...

  4. No of course not, I am not nearly organised enough!

    However, if you want lemons, then you could try a dawn raid on SewAli's convervatory (have a look at her blog post for 25th February).

  5. Ditto QuiltSue - the quilt is just beautiful. You sure had a good bimble! ;)

  6. Oooh yes, I haven't made those roasted peppers for yonks either! I should do some to have with the BBQ we're planning tonight - the sun comes out and we go mad LOL! I love the quilt, controlled scrappy is gorgeous. I tend to put the binding on before I trim the edges though, but I'm sure you get yours straighter than I get mine, laser levels do not feature in my quilting arsenal LOL! Enjoy the view, it's fab.

    PS - lemons aren't *quite* ready yet :o)

  7. Oh dear, what an idiot I am! I hadn't realised the recipe was linked - obviously too early in the morning for my brain to work with my eyes. It looks yummy, but, as my DH would say, "where's the meat?"

  8. It's OK QuiltSue, I have the same problem with Management which is why it is an excellent lunch for me, girlfriends, (and a certain photographer?)

  9. Hey, Bilbo, of course I love the blue log cabin, but I really want to say how lovely your hardwood floors look. Were they there when you moved in or is that just another one of your wonderful improvements? I must say all of your photos are really luring me to your neck of the woods for a visit. wish wish
    thanks for sharing

  10. Good Morning Buck's Mom {gg}, confession time - that is not a real hardwood floor, it is a laminate, came with the house. Damn stuff always had to be covered because Ollie slipped on it.

    When will the lure prove too strong?

  11. Bilbo, as you well know, some days the lure does not have to be very strong at all.


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