Monday, 22 March 2010


No proper gardening this weekend, it was either too cold, too windy or we were doing something else.

In a brief moment of relative calm I fixed up more of the windbreak netting alongside the potager. It was as cheap to buy a 50m roll as to just purchase the 30m I needed for the front fence, not difficult to find other uses for the remainder.

Management hauled the conifer stump out of the way, noting that it was ruddy heavy and expressing surprise that I'd managed to move it as far as I had.

Much wind and rain overnight, horrible morning; in typical Cumbrian fashion it suddenly cleared after lunch and I was able to go and check on the bulb bed ...

It won't be long before this looks rather lovely.


  1. Note to self
    Do not mess with a determined Hobbit, especially if you are a conifer stump.

  2. Well done that daffodil! We've still only got the miniatures out here although the ones in the long border (sounds like a stately home eh? - it's just a yard wide border by one of the cow sheds in the village!) are about to burst.

  3. It looks so promising. The daff is gorgeous.

  4. We only have minis out too although the big cousins look almost ready to burst their buds.

  5. You look like you are roughly at the same place we are, springwise. I wonder if that will hold over the summer. I will keep track.


  6. hooray for the simple beauty of the daffodil. I remember being inspired by your foot after foot of bulb planting (especially as your blooms will be down on the roadside cheering passers by)

  7. those daffodils are only just coming out here too. Such a late Spring! Let's hope it's full steam ahead from now on!


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