Friday, 5 March 2010

Cow Muck, Frustration and an Explanation

But not necessarily in that order. Gardening at Bag End is often incredibly frustrating. I start a job which I think I am quite capable of completing (such as preparing a new bed for planting the Yew hedge) and run into a problem like the conifer root which is too big/deep/heavy for me to move on my own. So the job gets set aside whilst I move on to something I can do.

The uninitiated might think "well, Hobbit's husband will sort that out" and yes, he will/would if he could. Management has a very senior, demanding job in the computer industry and at present has to be away from home far more than either of us like. This week he left Bag End at 5.30am on Monday and did not get back until 6.45pm on Friday. He'll be home for the weekend and then off again Monday morning. Whilst the poor chap is travelling up and down the country slogging his g*ts out, I hardly think it is reasonable to turn round at 9.00am on Saturday morning and hand him a spade/crowbar/power drill/chainsaw. Whenever he can help me he does, and until then, some jobs just have to wait.

But being a resourceful Hobbit, there is usually something else I can get on with in his absence, and today that was the pile of cow muck which has dominated our driveway since last April.

The mice were fun - at least 4 and possibly 6 living quite happily under the tarpaulin. Not impressed to be forcibly relocated and occasionally too stupid to actually run away - these two sat for about 5 minutes, you could see them muttering "if we keep still maybe she'll go away and leave us in peace". No chance!

Open Source non-patented barrow-counting technology. Could have been more but a neighbour wandered down for a chat so we talked quilts for an hour and she stayed for a quick lunch, and Hazel phoned which was lovely and we talked cats, dogs and veggies for some considerable time!

Anyone know what 30 very full barrows weighs?

Too late when I finished clearing up at 6.15 to photograph new muck pile (and I was distracted by the sun setting), and there is more left than I expected . . . guess that is tomorrow's task?

What is left of my vertebrae deserved the long hot soak before supper (and did I mention I moved the old washing machine this morning in readiness for the new one being delivered tomorrow?)


  1. Wow, a Hobbit's day is never dull. Hopefully the owl food will be served this evening and the pesky rodents' purpose served. Is that a bit nasty to wish upon Mrs Stinky and family?

    Good luck with the washing machine tomorrow, and give Management a pat on the back - that much travelling is hard work - I know all about it!

  2. What a pictures of the hills! I enjoyed the whole post.

    Enjoy your soak.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Not just owl food - a beautiful Kestrel has adopted Bag End as part of her "patch" and has been seen hunting across the garden at the front of the house. A very welcome day predator for Mr/s Stinky.

  4. Lovely evening photos of the hills. Here in Holderness, we don't have hills. Ahhh!

  5. I see you had a 'good' day then. Take care of the back. :)

  6. Hello!

    Can you tell me what wood you used for your raised beds please and if its not too rude to ask how much did it cost per run etc.

    Many thanks

    Janette x

  7. Janette, it is basic pine planks from local builders' merchant. 2" thick, 8" deep, I have cut it to 8 foot lengths. Bought it 12 months ago so sorry, cannot remember price and it may well have changed.

    On the inside face I have fixed flexible DPC (bought on roll from builders' merchant) to keep the soil off wood and hopefully it won't rot so fast! Suggest you phone around suppliers in your area, prices do vary. Have a look at this blog for early March last year and you'll see the delivery

  8. Janette - just checked, timber delivery was 28th March last year. Later in the month than I remembered.

  9. Thanks. Didn't really know what to ask for to get a quote.



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