Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bridge repairs

Back in February we watched plant being delivered and I was cynical as to how long it would take to actually do the repairs. Credit to the diving team and other contractors as they worked on the damaged bridge every single day, including weekends, and in some freezing conditions.

Flood water had scoured the river bed and undercut the foundations of one of the pillars.

Repairs involved steel shuttering, hundreds of bulk-bags of sand as a coffer damn, pouring of much concrete and reinstating the river bed with hundreds of tons of stone. We counted at least 300 of these giant sand bags, we're told they will now be used to help rebuild the washed away river bank.

The bridge opens (north bound only) tomorrow in an attempt to alleviate some of the traffic problems. A temporary one-way system has been put in place through the village and it will be interesting to watch the grid-lock until folk work out where they can drive, we're very glad to live on the periphery of it all.


  1. Excellent news - so by the time I get round to visiting Bag End everything will be tickedy boo.

    Hopefully they will have southbound access sorted too before much longer.

  2. Well after tomorrow you can get here OK, it's the leaving which is still on a detour!

  3. Even having a one way system only, it will ease the traffic to an extent. As you say, one way in to Bag End - You'll Never Leave!

  4. Hazel, it sometimes feels like I never leave here anyway!

  5. Nice to see that progress is being made.

  6. That must feel like real progress to you all. I think those divers deserve medals working in that weather. It makes me shiver just to think about how cold the water must have been.

  7. You're right Sue, cold doesn't even begin to describe it. Right now I'm watching them clear the barriers and rubble blockades.


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