Thursday, 4 March 2010


Nervous, flighty and refusing to stay still long enough for even a half-decent photo. Lovely to see this little Brambling in the garden, not a visitor we have had before


  1. What a lovely new visitor for you. Sounds like word of the Bag End All You Can Eat Buffet is getting round the avian world.

    I'm sure that with patience you can get a better picture - after all, it's only ironing...

  2. Lovely birds aren't they? I thought the post title was about picking brambles!

  3. Loved the pictures. It is so much fun to see a new visitor. Spring is coming...

  4. It's mine - give it back!!! We wondered where our Brambling had gone, now we know. They are lovely and delicate aren't they.

  5. What a lovely looking bird. Like Mrs Flum, I thought this was going to be about picking brambles, and wondered how you were doing that at this time of year.


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