Friday, 19 March 2010

Bit of a result!



Ugly little s*d, isn't it?

In the two hours in between there was a mattock, splitting maul, large steel wrecking bar and a very determined Hobbit. Any conifer stump that size which thinks it is going to get the better of me is in line for a big disappointment. My only disappointment was that the ruddy stump is so heavy I could barely get it out of the crater I'd excavated and certainly couldn't move it further than the edge of the hole!

Prior to that notable success, I fixed the wind-break netting to our new fence. It doesn't obscure the view into the garden as much as I would like but it is a distinct improvement on the previous goldfish bowl.

I'm trying really hard not to think about how much work is involved in clearing the land either side of it. . . .

Yesterday's storm had blown itself out and today was surprisingly warm, although still a little breezy.

It won't be long before this first daffodil is fully in flower and whilst we might not have golden daffodils beside a lake or beneath the trees, I think by next week there will definitely be a few fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Just for good measure, removed a gate and small part of the fence before I finished. They are both going to be re-installed, but in a different place. We had the fence put up in a hurry shortly after we moved in. Making the garden secure so that Mr Hairy could not get onto the road was the priority but now we've come up with a better location for it. Moving the fence nearer the driveway will enclose the land by what used to be the front door and give us more privacy when we use the little patio area near the potager.


  1. Ah, stump removal. I did several alongside our front drive a couple of years back. Next day was an achey day! Have a good soak, little Hobbit!

  2. Well done. It looks like a back-breaker to me.

  3. what a hard working Hobbit you've been. I've just caught up on 19 posts. 19! I'm exhausted just reading about everything you've acheived. Well done you, what an exciting growing year you have ahead of you. N x

  4. Well done on beating the stump into submission! I can't wait to see the daffodils in full flower, it's going to be so worth the effort you put into putting them in.

  5. I'm delighted to see the pic of the daffodil border - and can't wait to see one in a few days when they are in all their glory!

    Hope the netting didn't drive you as mad as the stuff I've been putting up today - like wrestling fog!

  6. I knew you'd win, not the ugly monster. Hope you're not too achey this morning?

  7. It doesn't seem like two minutes since you put those daffodils in!

  8. Well done - I've seen that stump and it's bigger than it looks in the picture. Your daff's are ahead of ours - it must be the Gulf Stream!

  9. Thanks all, that stump was a big b*gger. So big, that Management had to put quite a bit of effort in yesterday to move it onto the drive for me.


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