Thursday, 4 February 2010


The weather has stayed very cold and the Bag End Buffet is kept busy. The Yellowhammer are now regular visitors but they stay close to the fence and are not easy to photograph.

Not moving until every last seed is consumed and very easy to photograph - even Wood Pigeon have to eat and their presence ensures the female Sparrowhawk won't go hungry.

It is not only the Red Squirrel who think this feeder is interesting

A small piece of literary licence - picture not taken this week but too cute to ignore.

Best visitor of the week - today's beautiful male Bullfinch who was definitely not eating. He was busy collecting nest material which makes me very happy. Two years ago we had a pair of Bullfinch in the garden and one morning I found the female dead (window strike), this is the first time since that I have seen this pretty little bird.


  1. Wow, wow and thrice wow! I love the bullfinch - I haven't seen one of those for many years - what a delight.

    As for the too cute to ignore comment, yes, I can see why you want to include it. {jealous}

  2. Wow again. What a cracking picture of the Bullfinch. Lucky you, we haven't seen ours since Christmas. Hope yours stays a while.

  3. Thanks James. I saw this chap on at least three occasions so I think it is more than just passing through.

    You know you have a standing invitation to set up the tripod at the kitchen window ....

  4. Gorgeous pictures Bilbo. We have several bullfinches visiting regularly, they are spectacular birds. They're partial to the sunflower hearts, as is nearly everything else that visits!

  5. That's some hard frost in the first picture. Your bullfinch picture os so clear - much better than mine through the window!

  6. blimey, I can see why you're getting through sack loads of seed. I thought you'd like this post too

  7. Enjoying the bird pics ,,, we have a few bullfinch
    here too but annoyingly I didn't see any for the RSPB bird watch last Saturday. Progress on our garden has come to a complete halt so pleased to see you out in yours even if it's slow work at the moment. Getting the stumps out was a major step foreward though ,,, ours are still well and truly in! Jill (in a cold, wet, misty Yorkshire!)

  8. Mr/Mrs Robin & Family Blackbird hang around together here too - maybe it's a safety-in-numbers thing. Or maybe if one finds food, the other isn't far behind.


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