Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Three Days, Three Quilt Tops

But not three consecutive days - elapsed period was four. Saturday saw the Heartstring blocks finished and pressed, quickly followed by this top, created from cheater panels. I remember buying the fabric in 2000 during a trip to America to see my dearest friend. It's not really obvious but the top has a 6" plain border and I'll use the darker blue from the inner border for binding which will give it a nice frame.

Sunday saw the remainder of the cheater panels metamorphose into this which looks a whole lot better in the flesh. Think it will gain another plain outer border before it is quilted which will give the little log cabin strips more opportunity to float (and give me more space in the corners for big feathers).

Neither of these quilt tops are works of art, nor will they ever grace the aisles of a quilt show, but they do give me a canvas on which to practise freehand quilting, and seeing as I have not quilted very much in the last three years I badly need to get PPP-ing and build my skills up again. When these are completed it will be good to have a couple of new quilts in the spare room for when comfort quilts are needed as gifts.

I'd been umming and erring about the string blocks, Himself suggested just putting them away but I knew if I did that it could be years before they saw light of day again. A few pleasant hours in the newly tidy sewing room turned 36 blocks into this top (thanks to Himself spending half a day of his holiday finally sorting out the electric sockets so that I no longer have a major trip hazard around the room in order to get power to the sewing machine and iron).


  1. Can't wait to see your blue ones all feathered. How will you be quilting your heartstrings top?

    Good to see how busy you've been in the sewing room. Do I get the blame for that too? (teehee)

  2. Thanks QuiltSue. No idea yet what I will do on Heartstrings. It might get an all-over, or I might use the green and cream square areas for big wreaths.

  3. The hobbit has been busy :o). I love the hearthstrings quilt - controlled scrappy and in my favourite colour - green! I see you're also a Mary follower, what an inspiration she is! Looking forward to seeing all of them are quilted. Three cheers to Himself for sorting the electrics, it's the small things that make a huge difference in a sewing room (or any other room for that matter).

  4. I'm glad that you've managed to include your 'mystery' fabric - doesn't it set off the greens & beiges well?

    Can we have an action shot of your tidy sewing room when you come to quilting this?

  5. Cheers Hazel, glad you like it.

    Action shot? Hmm, not until I learn how to edit videos!

  6. Thanks SewAli, yes I have been reading Mary's blog for some time, amazes me how much she gets done but despite close scrutiny I haven't worked out her secret yet!

  7. I like the heartstrings Bilbo. Large spaces in which to quilt give me the heebiejeebies though! I don't think I'd enjoy the technique but I like the results.

    Finish a lap quilt top this afternoon. Too dark now to photograph it though.


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