Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Overnight it rained heavily and the pallet of glass was completely soaked. Moving this many sheets of glass is not high on the list of Great Ways to Spend a Wednesday Morning, moving this many sheets of WET glass whilst it is still absolutely PERSISTING it down needs a whole new category of its own.
"your mission, should you choose to accept it"
However, there is a god and She smiles on gardeners and Hobbits. After a very wet, cold hour on the drive, every sheet of glass is upright in the garage and intact.

and a couple of very wet pictures of yesterday afternoons accomplishments:

Hopefully I'll be able to save the self-seeded yew. The buried manhole cover is the "puddle" top right.

Credit to Elite for sensible labelling of greenhouse components.


  1. Good news on the intact glass front. I suspect the rain and general wet meant that some panes were hard to separate thanks to capillary action and the resulting surface tension. Well done you!

    And well done to Elite for comprehensive labelling - I'll bet those 32 pages don't seem half as bad now {g}

  2. James: capillary action and surface tension

    exactly what I'd have said if I had remembred both the terms . . . every pane had to be very carefully slid away from the next one.

  3. Those panes of glass are huge! Full points to Elite for labelling - and a customer feedback to them mentioning this would be a good thing for you to do (along with mentioning the less than satisfactory delivery service, I think).

    Hope you are making headway with the instructions - but two brains are better than one for that sort of thing!

    I don't suppose that the man-hole cover holds clues to your elusive water supply that you dowsed for last year?

  4. Oh it will be SO worth it when you sit in there with a cup of tea!

  5. Flummery - OH YES, and maybe Classic FM playing quietly in the background (the seedlings will respond well to that!)

    Hazel - Delivery driver was from local supplier, sadly Elite do not sell direct. Am ignoring the instruction book, Management has Special Skills with things like this, he can decipher it!

    The man-hole cover, no, wrong side of the property to have anything to do with our elusive mains - nice thought though, thanks.

  6. Good work Bilbo, you're a stronger Hobbit than I LOL! You definitely need to keep that image of tea in a finished greenhouse firmly in mind, you will need it - this is the voice of experience speaking :o). At least there are a few less bolts in yours than a 16x12 footer, with middle divider. Ye gods, why am I even contemplating building a shed???

  7. Ye gods, why am I even contemplating building a shed
    SewAli, having seen your wonderful deck, I think a shed will hold no terrors for you, but if you'd like to experiment on us - send me a materials list and I'll get the timber in (and we can sew or go walking whilst The Men build!)

  8. What date is the Grand Opening and do I need to buy a big hat for the occasion? (giggle)

  9. QuiltSue - I hesitate to say "whenever you want to come and help build it" ....


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