Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oh my aching back . . .

Tired but happy, another four hours this morning has seen the completion of the EIGHTH raised bed - definitely a TA DA moment.

Bearing in mind it is not yet the end of February, I reckon having been outside much of this week is a huge achievement. Covering the beds over winter with tarp or black membrane made a huge difference and digging over the bottom of each bed prior to adding cow muck was really easy.

In the interests of giving the soil a little protection and possibly even warming it up slightly I've bunged on a couple of bits of Enviromesh which were already cut, it's not perfect but it will do for a quick fix.

And as a good friend has just said "another tick on your long, long list. At least planting them up will be quite enjoyable, and watching everything grow and harvesting even more so. Nectar bar next?" . . . oh you know me so well!


  1. {chortle} I'd better not mention bee hives, ponds, hedging, fencing, orchards or sheds then!

    How are those daffs doing? I can't wait to see a cheery yellow post here.

  2. A TA DA moment indeed! I felt like that when the last barrow of chippings was spread on the paths at the Hill couple of weekends ago - good innit?!

    You can get two gardening feel-good hits for the price of one if you sow in your g/h - one when the seeds come up (see Bilbo scrutinising pots with a cup of coffee in hand & Classic FM in the background) and the other when you plant the young plants out in newly hoed beds - instant gardening!

  3. James - mention away m'dear, but don't be surprised if you get put to work next time you're here.

    Hazel - thanks, yes, great feeling, nearly but not quite eclipsed by looking at the next job (that would be the Nectar Bar which you helped design)

  4. That looks so good. Just want filling now, don't they?

  5. cripes Bilbo, I only went away for a few days and you've done all of that (and inspite of the rain and snow). You deserve an endurance trophy!

  6. I bet you can almost taste the veggies now that you will be harvesting from those beds.

  7. Nic -put it down to increasing insanity!

    QuiltSye - s*d the saturated fat, new potatoes smothered in butter, yum, yum!


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