Thursday, 4 February 2010


It may only be the beginning of February but that doesn't stop me wanting to get outside and make some progress, unfortunately this week has either been too cold, too wet, or I have had other commitments.

The area where the large tree stumps were removed continues to look like a bomb site. There may be some truth in the rumour that Spielberg is considering it for the set of Saving Private Ryan Part Two.

In the same way as a photo of a slope never conveys just how steep it is, these pictures give no real indication of the mess of roots and rubbish that has to be cleared from the soil before we can do anything with it.

After an hour and a half of having more mud on my boots than is pleasant or safe I gave up. . . .


  1. Behave yourself Bilbo. It's far too early to be paddling about on land yet. You'll do all sorts of damage. Go back inside and get that quilt made. Alternatively, her ladyship will happily demolish any biscuits you feel like making .

  2. Dear Mrs B, you are right about paddling - unless the ground is frozen solid it is just quagmire out there. But, don't think you have seen for yourself just how much clearing up there is to do before we can even begin to think about fencing.


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