Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fabric Search

or - "if you don't ask, you definitely don't get".

A non-quilter might reasonably assume that given the size of my fabric stash, I already have all the material I might need for any quilt which I could want to create in future. Oh, how wrong could you be?

I so want (need?) another yard, preferably two, of this fabric. From Hoffman International, called "Fantasies" and at least 5 years old, probably older.

I've searched Quiltshops.com, eBay, Big Horn, Hancocks, Thousands of Bolts and Doughtys, plus a worldwide Google search and drawn a blank, which in truth, does not surprise me. So for the first time (but maybe not the last) I thought I'd use Bag End to ask all my quilting buddies if somewhere, somehow, lurking at the bottom of a pile, you might just have . . . pretty please . . . and I will happily pay full list for it plus postage. Perhaps if I had more of this fabric I might have the inclination to finish the blocks which need it?


  1. So if all the quilters that you know post your request so everyone they know knows...sort of pyramid quilting!

    Do hope you're successful - it's a very quaint fabric - I like it very much.

  2. I think Hazel's got a good idea there. Would you like me to post on my bog about it for you?

  3. Hazel, excellent idea
    QuiltSue - thank you so much, yes please

    however, my friend Country Bumpkin (who is not even a quilter!) seems to have turned up a link to an American store who appear to have it. But it's such gorgeous fabric that I'd be happy to have more than a couple of yards and will say "thank you" to all the help I can get.

    very grateful hugs to you all

  4. Good luck. I'll add a post about it to my blog tomorrow morning. I might have stopped sneezing by then. Arsenal!!

  5. Thanks Angela, I have got one "lead" but it is a small company in the States and I'm not sure if they'll ship overseas.

  6. I have absolutely nothing useful to say except that the fabric is just divine and I really hope you manage to get some more. :)

  7. Re-creatyed your post on my blog. Hope it helps.

  8. There is a website called missingfabrics.com where you can post fabrics you are looking for and people check their stash to see if they might be able to help. I have had good succcess there. It might be worth a try.

  9. I think I have that fabric but mine has yellow and purple poppies. I can take a photo if you are interested.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  10. This shop carries a LOT of florals and my guess is some of it is older stock.(didn't hear that from me!)


    It does not have an on-line shop but might be worth contacting them direct or via email with your picture. Good luck!

  11. Had a rumage Bilbo, but it's not a fabric I'd choose (which doesn't mean I won't have it from swaps etc.) so I'm afraid I didn't turn up anything.

  12. Hiya, hope you find the fabric soon. I cant help on that one sorry. Was good to have a chat a couple of weeks ago at Rheged...keep up the great work on the blog.....regards, Lesley


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