Monday, 8 February 2010

Fabric Search - the conclusion

When I published my blog entry about that fabric I never expected quite so much response but I should not have been surprised, quilters are kind folk. The firmest lead I had was unearthed by Country Bumpkin (and she's not a quilter, how clever is that?) but when I contacted the company it turned out their website was not up-to-date and they did not have the right colour-way in stock.

I've decided to call off the search - plans change, that is the way of quilting. Mary's blog has a lot to answer for and I thought these Heartstring quilts would be fun - when I started this quilt I was convinced that I'd found the new love of my life and spent quite a while designing an interlocking border and half-blocks to surround the quilt centre. However, halfway through the piecing I knew I did not like this technique at all {grin}! I've completed the blocks because I refuse to waste what has been started, and I'm now going to finish this up as a lap quilt; it is intended as a gift and if I'm honest, is already big enough seeing as I'm going to be mailing it.

This is what I have made so far (the blocks are not sewn together and the arrangement will change).

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