Friday, 26 February 2010

Coming Soon - to a raised bed near you

These lovely Marshmello strawberry plants, just lifted from Mrs Flummery's wonderful Vegetable Heaven, popped in the post and safely arrived at Bag End within 24 hours. As soon as I have got some compost which is not completely frozen they will be potted up. Mrs F. suggests leaving them 2 or 3 weeks for the root system to bulk up before they go into the raised bed. Thank you so much my friend, you are a generous lass.

The pretty cyclamen in the corner was a present from SewAli on 17th November and has flowered its little heart out all winter and currently shows no signs of stopping. Fingers crossed I can find a suitable outdoor place for it in the Spring and keep it healthy until next year.

No gardening today, it is persisting it down and very cold. Ought to go into town and do the grocery shopping but am putting it off . . .


  1. Nice to see your friends are looking after you well!

    So will we be seeing the start of Bag End Preserves when you have more strawbugs than you can shake a stick at?

  2. Possibly, but I adore fresh strawbs and it is doubtful whether I could ever grow enough to have a surplus {smile}

  3. I have a bed with about that number of plants in James. I've NEVER managed to have enough for jam! However, there's a much bigger strawberry bed at the new allotment so maybe this year...?

    I have a similar coloured cyclamen Bilbo, also from a friend at Christmas. Aren't they generous flowerers?

  4. I have been reading about these marsmello strawberry varieties. They sound wonderful, Can't wait to hear how they taste!

  5. Flummery, I think it has helped the cyclamen that the utility room is bright but can be quite cold at times. I also make sure only to water from the bottom and not let it stand in a puddle.

    Matron - promise to report on flavour (when I have wiped the juice off my chin)


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