Monday, 15 February 2010

The brain is going ...

In a vain attempt to be organised I spent much of Sunday preparing backings for the three latest tops. This doesn't mean they will get quilted anytime soon, it just ensures that when I am in the mood to use the longarm, everything is ready to go.

Nothing exciting to see, two are plain blue chambray and for the Heartstrings top I had enough of a dark and busy floral which I think will go very nicely.

What was a little worrying however, was finding this:

Yes, it's a quilt top ..... but worryingly, I had completely forgotten ever making it until I saw it again. The blue 'coins' are the leftovers from St Louis Log Cabin, once destined for a border but there wasn't enough. Now I am looking at the top I remember putting it together - wanted to use up the blue fabric and thought it would be a good quilting exercise in setting a continuous-line pattern inside a frame which is not something I have done very often although it looks great when done properly. Hmm, suppose I'd better make a backing for this one too!

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  1. I love those colors. It is just a simple, pretty quilt!


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