Wednesday, 6 January 2010

When is a journey essential?

Virtually the entire country is at a standstill thanks to freezing temperatures and snow. Motoring organisations and the police are advising motorists not to make any journey unless it is absolutely essential.

Deja vu. Weather conditions were exactly the same on Saturday, 27 January 1996. We ignored the advice and took a 520 mile round-trip from Hampshire to near Blackpool. The roads were a mess but there was very little traffic - most of the time we had the one open lane of the M6 to ourselves.

I'm glad we went out that day. We stopped to see Management's sister on the way home and took these photos, the first ever pictures of our darling boy.

If we hadn't gone out in those conditions to rescue Ollie I wonder what sort of life he would have had? I wonder what sort of life we would have had? I'm not advocating anyone else ignore traffic warnings, but I am glad we did.

These were bad pictures to start with and scanning hasn't done much to improve them!


  1. In this case, bad pictures are better than no pictures at all!

    He looks like a right rascal there enjoying the snow. Happy memories, and the right decision.

  2. I think the journey is always essential.

    And I think Ollie has something to tell you.

    Love the pictures!


  3. Awww, happy memories. Looks like you're slowly healing. :)

  4. Thanks all,

    yes Lesley, healing slowly, very slowly.

  5. I reckon that was a VERY necessary journey.

  6. QuiltSue, you are absolutely right (but then, you are always right, hug!!)

  7. What a cute bundle of energy he was, and I'm sure he would also agree that it was an essential journey :o).

  8. Oh, he was a bundle of energy alright, plus dirt, mites, huge matts in his coat, malnutrition and partly deaf because one ear was completely blocked with wax and hair. We should have realised on that first weekend that he wasn't "normal" (giggle)


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