Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What was I thinking?

I don't care if she is the birthday girl, I am blaming QuiltSue for this. I must have been spending too much time talking quilts with her, this is definitely Sue's fault!

After more than two years I finally picked up a box of half-square triangles made in mid-2007 for a quilt that I changed my mind about (which, for the non quilters here, hello Hazel, is not an uncommon occurrence!). Inspired by something the aforementioned trouble-maker is working on at present, I set to making pinwheel units.

What is wrong with this picture of blocks on the design wall?

The 20 at the top are fine and were made last week when I was hiding from the ice. The bottom 8 were sewn today but laid out over the weekend. I hate making pinwheel blocks even though I like how they look when completed. No way I'm unpicking this batch so it is back to EQ6 to redesign the quilt or just use them in something else!


  1. When John reaches a developing wall I always tell him to go and do something else because when he comes back he solves the problem straight away.

    Maybe you should go and do a jigsaw and then come back to the pinwheels.

    Mind with my non-quilter eye I can't see what the problem is.

  2. oops.
    Why not make a feature in the centre of the quilt with those blocks, then a narrow border, then the rest of the blocks? Or something.

    By the way, I absolutely refuse to apologise though.

  3. Nothing to apologise for, m'dear.

    How was the birthday supper?

  4. Ha! I can see! You have anticlockwise pinwheels at the top, and clockwise ones at the bottom!

    I think that will give you 2 square placemats and a small table runner. {smile}

  5. Well spotted that girl (sorry Angela!).

    Hazel, we will make a quilter of you yet!

  6. Now you know why I stick to cross stitch, at least there I only have to make sure the stitches all go in the same direction. This quilting lark sounds far too complicated for me.

  7. Keep the top lot and swop the rest with someone else if you have enough fabric. I probably did the same on my last 'project' which is languishing on my desk right now, can't bare to look at the thing. Log cabin; some going one way and some tother doh..

  8. Lyn, thanks but I think I can use them all in the same project, just need to make 4 more of the "wrong" ones, then the set of 20 plus a set of 12 should do it. Each pinwheel is just one unit in a larger block so it should work. I'm telling myself it will add more "movement" to the final project, ha ha.

    I surprised you didn't hear the exclamation of b*gger all the way to Keswick.

    Angela - it's not that difficult, honestly!

  9. Sorry Hazel, must remember not to Speak In Tongues when there are non-quilters present!

    It is Electric Quilt 6 - quilt design software. A quick Google will take you to their website. Very clever bit of kit which I don't use much but would not want to be without.


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