Saturday, 30 January 2010

A little more progress

Wall to wall sunshine and an uninterrupted view to the summit of Skiddaw over 11 miles away - too good an opportunity to miss.

We needed to get this half dead mess of cotoneaster and hawthorn covered with a huge weight of ivy down before the greenhouse arrives. Thankfully, we have the full support of our neighbour; he's lived here 10 years but never before had to draw his curtains against the bright sunlight - fortunately he doesn't mind!

Management was on chainsaw duty today and it did not take him long to bring the triffids down to shoulder height.

Not surprisingly, it took just as long to clear up all the timber and ivy rubbish as it did to bring them down. The pile waiting for a bonfire is now its "usual size" but by the time everything was tidy we'd had enough.

This does not hurt as much as it should.

The ugly bruise on my leg, however, hurts a great deal.

My lack of fitness was an issue today. I've taken virtually no exercise in the last six months. Since Ollie died I have hardly walked anywhere and the weather has kept me from heavy-duty garden work since about October. I have put on half a stone since August and now weigh more than at any time in my life (stop laughing at the back, I know I am a bit on the thin side at the best of times!) I'm not going to worry about it and refuse to change what I eat. As soon as I am back to my normal work level and I do a few fellwalks things will get back to normal.


  1. No more nuddy sunbathing in that part of the garden then?
    You can take a few more pounds kid. As you say, exercise increases with light levels - it'll all balance out.

  2. Can I give you a few of my extra pounds to work off as well?

  3. Your photos are just what the doctor ordered! Beautiful.

    Is it time to get another pup? I can only imagine any dog would believe they'd landed in heaven to live in your home.

  4. "Wall to wall sunshine and an uninterrupted view to the summit of Skiddaw over 11 miles away - too good an opportunity to miss."

    I thought you were going to tell us that you'd been fell walking, especially when I saw that wonderful photo!

    You've ticked another job off the list, though - well done! And well done for your sensible view on fitness/weight too.

  5. Flummery, putting in an evergreen hedge is quite high up the list of things to do, but just for regular privacy - not for soaking up rays!

    Angela - hmmmm

    Penny, you're the second friend to ask that question in the last few days. We said goodbye to Ollie six months ago this week but neither of us are yet ready.

    Hazel, no diets here, like my grub too much! The fellwalking will come, but got a few things to tick off the "garden" list that are my current priority.

  6. I've put on half a stone this afternoon! Thank you for my Biscuits Aunty Bilbo, they are Yummy. Love HATTIE. XXXXXXXXXWOOFXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. Your garden looks beautiful, puts me to shame. I know what you mean about not walking with that special faithful friend, it's just not the same. But thinking about what Penny said, once the weather warms up a bit, it IS a good time for puppy potty training ...

  8. just the word 'chainsaw' brings me out in a cold sweat! Shame about the scratch but it's usually a sign of a good days work. N x

  9. Sunshine. I vaguely remember that. January in the frozen part of the US definitely doesn't look like that. Lovely pictures.


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