Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Two days, two jobs and new wellies

Monday - Put more bark chips over the daffodil bulbs which are coming up far too fast. I'd been wanting to do this since before Christmas but the weather had other ideas. Was reminded that 100 litres of B&Q small bark chips weighs at least 5kg more than I ought to lift. Also cut back all the remaining shrubbery which was overhanging our walls so for the first time ever we no longer have any escaping greenery attempting to whack an unsuspecting pedestrian in the head. Cleared off all the ivy from the top of the wall which was revealed when the escallonia hedge came out - not surprised to find the many of the coping stones loose and in a right state - and all that took less than 3 hours - result!

Tuesday - Dug away the soil around the bottom of the greenhouse frame so that we can finish painting it. Much more Hammerite ordered (the correct Dark Green this time, not the horrible apple green I ordered by mistake, but it has served well as an undercoat!). Greenhouse is ordered and expected early February so we need to be ready for it.

Knackered but pleased, as Management reminded me, it is only mid-January and to be able to get outside on two consecutive days AND achieve both the tasks I aimed for is quite a result.

Also a result was a pair of Muck Boots on Monday morning when I went to the local ag. store to pick up more mixed corn for the pheasant. I'd read a review of these some months back in a gardening magazine and had filed the thought away so was very pleased to find them in my size. Mentioned my happy purchase (and toasty warm feet) to a friend that evening to be told "oh, I've used them for years" .... which I suppose is not surprising as she used to work in farming; and there was me thinking I'd discovered something new ..{
they may never be this clean again . . .


  1. Wow, your bulbs are putting on a good start - I don't think I've yet seen a single snowdrop down here in East Anglia.

    Looks like I'd better leave you "trench instructions" for the g/house if it's arriving this soon.

  2. Oh, I wish I had time to get out in the garden. I'm very busy workwise right now and can't see me being able to free up some quality hours until next weekend. Good work you dun there! Garden looks great! :)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your daffs almost as much as you are, I think!

    I was too busy at the weekend being self congratulatory with regard to my raised beds to scrutinise the front of the plot for signs of bulbs.

  4. Thanks Hazel, I was joking with SewAli earlier - how come I live further north than ANY of you but it's me with daffs which have up to 4" of green (well, they did until I buried them again under more bark chips) and older bulbs are poking through the lawn.

  5. Opps! Sorry . You should know by now, if it's owt to do with muck - I'll have been there;-)

  6. Oh don't apologise CB, you were quite right - brilliant boots and toasty warm feet. Now, as you're the muck expert, you could always volunteer to help move a ton of it. Nah, I didn't think so, you've got curtains to finish {smile}

  7. I'll help with pleasure - but it may be a while! I'm more at home with a wheelbarrow than a sewing machine, that's for sure!


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