Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tree Stump Removal: day two

First, a recap to see just how much was achieved yesterday - by the time everything was packed away last night it was too dark to do a headcount and take photos.

A total of 11 stumps, 9 of which were huge, one medium and only one which counted as small. The escallonia and hawthorn were so small by comparison they don't even make it onto the score sheet! Rain last night which froze solid was followed by ½" of snow at breakfast time. The view first this this morning was not pretty:

It didn't get much better as the day progressed - freezing cold, 4 foot deep craters, mess everywhere, and me fighting a cold :{

Overnight the decision was taken to remove all of the escallonia hedging. It is planted way too close to the wall, grows over the pavement and is a constant pain in the wotsit. Position digger, attach sling and pull, very satisfying!

Two more stumps were removed from this area and the 14th and largest came out from the other front corner.

The crater ended up about 10 feet across and five foot deep.

By the time we'd cleared up it was dark and absolutely freezing but all the hedging is out, the stumps are fairly neatly in one place, most of the ground has been levelled and "all" we have to do tomorrow is excavate a huge and badly placed cotoneaster, grade the soil in the Coppice area (the surface is currently very uneven) and dig a pond, plus whatever else I have forgotten.


  1. Wow - you don't hang about. Five days into the New Year and lots of things are happening.

    And as for the "not pretty" view this morning, I think your stump pictures are quite atmospheric - they take on an almost monochrome appearance.

    Huggles for the cold.

  2. Thanks James, encouragement much appreciated and rather needed tonight, got cold to the core today. You won't recognise the front next time you come over.

    Sorry I haven't answered your emails, can't seem to fit everything in at present, email & taking down the decorations are this week's casualties!

  3. James has beaten me to the 'monochrome' comment! Was it really that grey and white this morning?

    How handy is that digger! Have I read right that you have all the stumps out that you want shifting? Today's daft q is can you use the stumps/roots in the WBS, or are they too full of earth? I see that you will be doing more than 'beef up the hedge' as I thought yesterday! {g}

    Well done to you all - so much progress made in just a couple of days! But a hot bath, toddy & an early night for you my girl! x

  4. Angela - I wouldn't mind regular snow, it's the ice I am sick of!

    Hazel - yes it was that grey (although I have tweaked the pictures) and it was even colder than it looks. Yes, 14 stumps out, many of which are over 6 foot long, heavens knows what they weigh. Stumps are Management's department, he will pressure wash the soil and stones off the root area and much chainsawing later we will have more WBS fuel plus the "messy bit at the root end" for wildlife habitat.

    About to make hot chocolate with brandy, I have a horrible feeling the threatened cold is considering becoming more flu like. Nite nite.

  5. That's a great result for 2 days work. Today's maths question is: if it takes 1 man plus a digger 2 days to get 14 stumps up, how long would it take 1 woman?

  6. how long would it take 1 woman

    about an hour - which is how long it took to phone John, tell him what needed doing, have a site meeting and give him the go ahead!

  7. Wow Bilbo, that's mega impressive, just goes to show what you can do with the right equipment. As Robert just said, you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs, by mid summer you probably won't be able to tell where all the destruction was. At least if you're digging a pond it'll give you some soil to put in the holes!

    It's cold here too, and snowing again ...

  8. Tell Mr Lumberjack he's absolutely right, and the omelette/egg analogy has already been out a couple of times this week! I know it will all look much better in six months time but yesterday it was horrid.


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