Friday, 8 January 2010


Sunrise this morning was gentle, an apricot blush spread across the sky.

That would be the completely clear, cloudless sky.
l-r, Skiddaw, Whinlatter fells, Grisedale, Grasmoor
We have no snow, well, barely a smattering. What we do have however is ICE. With the bridge out our choices to get away from the village are 2 miles of ungritted road which is fairly level or 5 miles of might-have-been-gritted-earlier-in-the-week with a couple of steep hills.

Thank crunchy for all the house insulation because right now in the garden it is MINUS 9. I know there are plenty of places worse off but that's quite cold enough for me, thank you.


  1. Well, given your choices of escape routes, I think I'd just stay in and admire the scenery.

  2. I'm afraid that is what I have done all week but errands have to be run, food supplies have to be topped up and the village shop has a very limited range.

    Going to brave the elements today . . .


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