Thursday, 7 January 2010

Quilt Synchronicity

Just before Ollie died I put together a simple quilt using brushed cotton on one side; if my Boy had a choice he would always snuggle up to soft flannel-like fabric or fleece in preference to regular cottons. He died before I finished it and I knew this was one quilt I could not keep, but I stuffed it away rather than finish the binding.

Slowly, and only when the moment is right, I have given away some of Ollie's quilts to other four-paws who appreciate the finer things in life {giggle}, but I didn't know what to do with this particular item.

And then a chance comment by a gardening friend and I knew exactly where this quilt needed to live, it's only a small little piece, barely lap-sized pieced with oddments from a fabric range that I once bought an awful lot of because I just loved the hearts.

It was accompanied by a really odd long thin piece that was used for some experimental quilting - the stitching equivalent of scribbling on paper with no real goal in mind. Folded into thirds it is perfectly cat-sized!

Domino and Oliver (no such thing as coincidence) have been sharing this quilt of Ollie's for some months, but now they have one each, and so does their Mum.


  1. and don't those cats just look so happy on their own quilts? Now we need a picture of their mum with hers!

  2. It just goes to prove that nothing is without meaning, reason or purpose.

    There's some very nice stitching on there courtesy of Merlin and your skilled hand I presume... can you tell I'm not a quilter? {snigger}

  3. Thank you again, Bilbo - you know how much these are appreciated by the boys & me! Aren't I a lucky girl to be sent such beautiful things! {hugs}

    We're all with Ollie with regard to brushed cotton - it's so good to cuddle up with!

    Because I'm fairly strict about keeping my blog to gardening (or else it would be all over the place!) - I'll either find a way of shoe-horning a piece in on quilting (gardening and quilting do seem to go together, after all!), or send you some pics to share on here, if you will.

    I've certainly had a very cold day thoroughly warmed up - thank you again {smiles}.

  4. Cheers all, James you are spot on: nothing is without meaning, reason or purpose, good words, thank you.

    Hazel, now you see why I have two blogs, one strictly for gardening and one that is a complete jumbled mess of everything else. Why don't you send me a picture or two and I will put them here. Glad your knees are now less frozen in the north-facing workhouse!


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