Friday, 15 January 2010

Pinwheel progress

I've made 4 more pinwheel units but the project is stalled! The latest plan requires 7 yards of background fabric and despite my fabric stash being of such a quantity that I may never use it in two lifetimes, of course I do not have the "right" floral with pale background.

So all the bits go back in a bag until some time in the future when I've found the right fabric and feel like continuing. Note for Hazel - this is quite normal quilting behaviour.

Don't discount the possibility that by the time I have 7 yards of a suitable floral, I won't want to make the quilt any more and will have changed my mind about the layout ...


  1. BW - my greatest wish would be to win the lottery, move to my beloved Lake District and get you to teach me how to quilt. Your pinwheels are looking fab. Look forward to the next enthralling instalment! ;)

  2. Sounds fairly normal to me. I have plenty of starts that may or may not get finished one day.

  3. Lesley, WHEN (not if) you move here I'm sure you'll be too busy walking to want to learn to quilt. But when we are neighbours, you can come and have a cuppa, watch me sew and you'll pick it up pretty quick. It's not difficult {smile}

    Angela, like you, I refuse to call them UFOs. They are WIPs!

  4. Having seen your stash, I just can NOT believe you haven't got the right backing fabric. Teehee. Perhaps a little retail activity is called for?

  5. Oh no, talking of WIPs; I have just been reminded that I have yet to finish the crewel work we started way back in October was it... Surely, yours is way ahead of mine which is languishing........

  6. Ah yes, that lovely Crewel work sampler. I haven't yet worked out a comfortable place to sit and embroider in this house seeing as now I need both decent light and a magnifier lens ... I don't mind getting older (most of the time) but I would like 30 year-old eyes again.

  7. So if this is normal quilting behaviour, it rather begs the question how many projects are on the go at any one point...? Although you are allowed to ignore that q if the answer is an embarrassingly high number. {g}

  8. how many projects are on the go at any one point

    That's an OK question {smile}. The answer varies depending upon quilter - some are compulsive starters who never finish anything and seem to take pleasure in having the most number of incomplete projects, which to me is a waste of time and money.

    I know someone who is incredibly organised and works on one project at a time and does not start the next until the current quilt top is quilted, bound, labelled and photographed.

    I curently have three full size tops waiting to be quilted (so technically they are unfinished!) and 3 or 4 projcets still at the fabric stage, and about one-hundred-and-eleventy-seven in my head on in an "ideas file".

    As for the fabric stash, hmm, think of it like all your seed packets in the fridge - so much potential, so little time!

  9. OF COURSE you will have changed your mind when you get around to finding the fabric. This gives you TWO MORE potential solutions - something else to do with the blocks and to find another purpose for the new fabric. So where's the problem? (I ALWAYS do clockwise pinwheels. Anticlockwise just look plain wrong to me.)

  10. Oh Flummery, how well you know me! giggle


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