Monday, 4 January 2010

Not quite was I was planning for today

Situation normal: making plans at Bag End means they will get changed, derailed, hijacked! Gardening in 2010 is off to a flying start - with a phone call at 8.00am from our trusty tree expert - "as the ground is nice and hard it would be a good time to bring the digger in". (Over a cuppa later John admitted that it is too frozen for him to work anywhere else today.)

Thankfully Management is at home because by 9.30 we had moved two completely frozen cars, two equally frozen motorbikes and removed a section of fence.

This is the progress after two hours - it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, we are expecting 3 - 4 days to carry out all the stump removal and other work we've agreed.

The lovely yellow Lab is Merlin and belongs to John - don't panic, no new four-legs at Bag End. And there was me thinking I'd spend Monday and Tuesday taking down decorations, giving the house a good clean and polish - silly girl, what was I thinking?


  1. Looks like 2010 is off to a flying start for you.

  2. Well I suppose that's one way of looking at it Angela!

    They've made great progress so far, about 8 out and another 1½ hours of daylight today - made a hell of a mess though.

  3. I think I'd still be taking down deccies and cleaning, there's no way I'd be out in the garden in these temperatures!! I'm all for letting the workmen get on with it ;o).

    Still, you'll be ticking things off the Bag End to do list at a good rate if this is a sign!

  4. SewAli, it didn't feel too cold until about 2.30 when the sun left the garden.

    I was not outside all the time but it was fun to stand around and watch, and throw the ball for Merlin whose capacity to play is unlimited.

  5. Thanks Flummery, it was fun, in an odd sort of way!

    Although I did not achieve the house clearing up I intended, it is great to have made this much progress so early in the year. I'm feeling really pleased and looking forward to when the heavy plant has gone and I can make a start on proper clearing up.

  6. " the house a good clean and polish ......... what was I thinking? "

    Looks like you had a lucky escape there, Bilbo! {gg}

    What a great gardening start to the New Year!

  7. Hazel, it's only a temporary reprieve {giggle}


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