Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Log Store progress

We're about half way through the winter (I hope) and thought it would be useful to have a record of how much of the Log Store we have burnt so far.

At a rough guess, our estimate is that we've used slightly under half of the prepared timber. We don't stint on how much is burnt, nor do we think we are wasteful. If it turns out that a completely full Log Store does us one winter then we'll be extremely pleased as we had no idea what our useage would be.


  1. Well, if it is a full log store then it's a nice easy target to prepare for the next winter - just ensure that it's full by the time it starts getting cold(er).

    When does the plan say that you need to start planting more leylandii to ensure a constant supply? {grin}

  2. You know that smack I promised you with the business end of a walking pole? Just keep going . . . {giggle}

    You of all people should know there is no such thing as a PLAN at Bag End, wash your mouth out for using such four-letter words! We are, however, seriously considering planting renewable coppice timber. Want to suggest some suitable species?

  3. Let's hope the free timber lasts a while yet.

    How much timber have you waiting to go into the log store?

  4. way more than I can fit into one photo {giggle}

  5. I'm missing something here {?confused}. Surely you haven't used half the wood in the store - the store is still about 9/10ths full?

    How have your 'rush' frontages stood up to the winter - will they be robust enough?

  6. It's not you Hazel, it is the photo.

    The store is 4 rows of logs deep, I have to open it up tomorrow in order to fill the green trolley again so I'll take a photo at an angle for you and you'll see what I mean.

    The rush is holding up well, a couple of bits of wire have broken where the wind caught it but generally it is doing OK given how cheap it was.


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