Tuesday, 12 January 2010

First Finish of the year

We've finally cleared up the dining hall enough to create a really nice space for doing puzzles. It is comfortable, the lighting is good and a puzzle can be left set-up for as long as it takes

(which often is not very long at all - like the tail-end of last week when it was bitterly cold and I didn't want to go outside, so I sat and completed this one in record time!)

Kitchen Garden from House of Puzzles:

Without the cutmarks it looks like this.

The next one might not go together quite so fast, until I started to sort the pieces it did not register that it has a black edge, yuk! Recent present from Himself does make life much easier and came from Barney's in Grasmere, best jigsaw puzzle shop in the world


  1. Puzzles. Now there's a thought. Haven't done one in a very LONG time but used to enjoy lots. What do you do with the puzzle when you've finished? It seems such a shame to disassemble. Hope you're having a good day. :)

  2. Les, next time you are up here go to Barney's in Grasmere. I have never seen so many puzzles in one place in my life!

    When I've done a puzzle I break it up {sorry!}. Most get kept and a couple of years later I might do it again, there is the odd one that I know I will never go back to and I give them away.

  3. Memories of excellent jigsaw shops - there was a super one in Worcester (name on the tip of my tongue, by the Oxfam book shop...damn that'll bug me now... wonder if SewAli knows it...?), sadly closed down now - which mum loved for the jigsaws, dad for the computer accessories. One of the few times that their respective hobbies co-incided!

    Current favourite jigsaws are the dreamy landscapes with gingerbread cottages by Thomas Kinkade.

  4. Have you found the shop in Keswick that has hundreds of jigsaws? I think it's near the library, fromn the outside it looks like it sells fishing stuff and guns etc, which it does, but it also has a lot of jigsaws.JOhn and I discovered it when we needed a new airbed last September, its a real gem of a shop that from the outside looks very touristy.

    Like your new jigsaw area. I was expecting a quilt when I read the title.

  5. I know the shop you mean Angela. You are right, it looks very trashy from outside.

    However, the stock is probably 1/50th or less of that found in Grasmere. You could not live long enough to do all the puzzles they have, the upstairs is like a puzzle warehouse, there must be 10 or 20,000 boxes!

    Sadly, the website is very sparse, you need to visit!

  6. I'd love to visit .......... when most of the snow has gone.

  7. Come visit NOW. All our main roads are clear.

    BTW, just found something on the Barney's website which confirms my guess - over 20,000 puzzles in stock


  8. The main roads might be clear but I don't do snow. One broken leg per lifetime is enough.

    Apart from a trip to Sainsburys last Friday, when John drove, I have not been out of the house and it will stay like that until the pavements are clear. Our road is still too much like an ice-ring for me to drive on it.

    Thankfully the walk to work only involves crossing the landing.

    Pathetic it may be, but I can live with it. ;-)

  9. That's a lovely picture Bilbo, you can dream about your kitchen garden while you do it! I enjoy puzzles too, but find it very hard to break them up. The last one I did I had to frame and hang on the wall LOL!

    Sorry Hazel, I don't know the shop in Worcester, I don't go down there very often, I tend to go over to Solihull if I want nice shops.

    Another 2" of snow here today ...


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