Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Yellow Peril - TA DA

I am my own harshest critic. I know whether I have done a good job or not with my piecing, quilting, thread and fabric choices and I know it drives my husband nuts that I will make something which he (and just about everyone else) thinks is lovely and all I can do is stand and say "ah yes but . . ." It is why I keep quilting - hopefully every mistake I make is one I can learn from.

However, just occasionally, very very occasionally, the girl done good . . .
One day I will sort out a location at Bag End where I can take proper quilt 'flat shots' with even lighting . . .
I am chuffed to sparkling dangly bits with this and finally it has gone to its new home, only four months late. The dear friend for whom it has been made gets all the hidden jokes within because she is one of the few insane souls in the world on the same daft wavelength as me, just wish she didn't live 350 long miles away.
Part of the back, quilting pattern is Field of Flowers by Keryn Emmerson

However, Houston - we have a problem. One of the aims of this quilt was to make inroads into the Fat Quarter stash of which the yellow/orange collection was one of the smallest. Despite making 25 blocks, each trimmed to 13", I still seem to have an awful lot of yellow FQs.

I could put them away until more yellow inspiration strikes, or I could use as many of them as possible to make another pieced back for some future project . . . or I could just leave them on the table for another four months!


  1. It's beautiful, and if the friend doesn't like it, I think you have my address?(giggle)

  2. Is this the same yellow peril you showed us during Festival? It looks different somehow. I particularly like the quilting, was it fairly quick to do? It looks like a nice big pattern! I think you should leave the fat quarters out, they're very pretty by themselves and will brighten the room if the weather's a bit dreary. Our sun has just come out after a somewhat cold and foggy morning.

  3. Thanks Sewali, yes it is the quilt you saw in August, probably looks so different because the light is good in your conservatory and very bad where I took the photo!

    The quilting wasn't too bad, yes it is a big pattern but one of those that requires a bit of a longarm-fiddle to get each subsequent row to interlock nicely so not one of the quickest to do. If you Google for the pattern name & designer you will find lots of USA suppliers so you can have a look for yourself. No reason why you couldn't trace the pattern onto something like Golden Threads paper and quilt through it on a domestic machine.

  4. Sue, hmmm, so many ways I could respond to that comment - none of them suitable for blogger! ha ha ha

    Sorry to tell you that the recipient is extremely happy with her quilt and I think the chances of any of us getting it back off her are slim-to-nonexistent!

  5. Super quilt Jayne,its so vibrant. I like to use yellow as it cheers a quilt up no end. I am sure you will use up your stash in the future.

  6. "bootiful" !

    The colour is warming my icy cold feet already .. I like the quilting pattern very much too. The quilting design is very clever ... it looks like a custom quilted jobbie .. its very very nice.

    Leave the yellows out ... tie them with a length of orange or red ribbon or put them in a square glass vase as a display.

  7. Tracey thanks, quilting compliments from you mean a lot.

    There's a better (but not much!) photo here:

    I've had to put those yellows away - my current sewing room has only about one-third the "flat space" of the previous room and I do not have the luxury of being able to leave things out. If I do so, then I have no working space to make anything new {smile}

  8. Funny - Yellow Peril doesn't look as yellow as it did in your Aug post on t'other blog - maybe it's the lighting as you say. Or maybe it's that quilts look different when they've been quilted (if you see what I mean).

    "If I do so, then I have no working space to make anything new {smile}"

    I'm guessing that you already have your next project in mind - looking forward to seeing its beginnings...

  9. Look at you, girl! That is fabulous! I just bought some orange/red fabric, yesterday and your quilt was just what I was craving.


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