Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Winter Sunrise

A new month and a beautiful dawn.

The first really hard frost of the year and happy day - even without the heating on the house was quite comfortable when I got out of bed, all this new insulation is working - definite "whoo hoo" start to the day.

Quickly followed by "oh my goodness" as we looked outside at this beautiful sunrise.

Time to dig out the thermals?

PS: the photos look better if you click on them to enlarge (Back button or Backspace to return)


  1. Excuse me whilst I pick my jaw up from the floor.

    It looks like you have just been rewarded for all of your wonderful efforts looking after the workers getting Cockermouth back on its feet.

  2. Awww, bless :} :} :}

    Perhaps you need a new home base in the New Year as well as a new job (running away fast, ducking . . . )

  3. Great shots.

    Maybe I should get up earlier.

  4. Wow, wow and WOW!!! That is just stunning, I don't think I'll upload my paltry offerings now, I'll just point people to your blog if they want to see what a real sunrise is LOL!

  5. Oh you silly girl, I've seen some of your beautiful sunrise and sunset photos, please upload them.

  6. A day that begins like that is a blessing.

  7. Thanks Penny, that was exactly my thought.

    Angela - it wasn't too bad, about 7.45.

  8. Absolutely amazing photos.

    As for the insulation, shall I say I told you so? (ducking quickly to avoid flying objects)

  9. Just fabulous Jayne. Your second pic is now on my desktop :-)

  10. Wow, really pretty !! Do you do photography all the time ? How do you get such good picture !!??
    I love taking photos as well but they're not as good as these :D
    Eleanor (Philippa's daughter)

  11. Hi Eleanor, great to hear from you. The answers to your questions are "yes" and "being in the right place at the right time".

    Don't give up, keep practising, and do bear in mind that you only see a small percentage of the pictures I take - there are many which get deleted as soon as I download them from the camera!

  12. And to think I always though shots like that were produced with filters!

  13. Scout's Honour Flummery, no filters (don't possess any) and no tarting around or fakery in Photoshop.

    Just resized them for web and what you see is what I saw - stunning, huh?


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