Saturday, 26 December 2009

Rannerdale Knotts

Rannerdale Knotts - one of my favourite places in all of the Lake District. A beautiful and easy walk at any time of year and worth visiting not just when the bluebells are in flower. However, it is an emotive fell, a place where Ollie and I walked countless times and always on Christmas Day.
(our walk in December 2008)
It would have been very easy to run away and not return but after a long chat, Management and I decided that it should continue to be our Christmas Day fell, and this year, with wonderful conditions and snow all around, we were joined by our good friends Ann and Roger to walk this lovely route and share a toast of home-made mulled wine at the summit: to absent friends.

Where no man (woman or dog) had gone before - much untracked snow up to 6" deep. Made me want to go skiing again.

Harry is sure there ought to be dog biscuits in my pocket

Team discussion about something critical - probably whether it was time to stop for mince pies.

The best Christmas present of the year - all four of us were using Kahtoola spikes - fabulous device, probably one of the best additions to our outdoor kit we have ever bought.

There was no wind so it wasn't anything like as cold as it could have been, although the surrounding higher summits, most of which had cloud cover, looked absolutely freezing.
(looking towards Haystacks)

A snowball fight was planned it was Roger's birthday but like British Rail, we had the wrong sort of snow - much too dry and granular to do anything with. Instead, we all ate too much chocolate birthday cake instead.

Our day ended as all good Christmas Days should - back home in front of a blazing fire, lovely dinner and a film on TV.


  1. I was thinking about you on Rannerdale yesterday :o) Thanks for the pictures it looked just about a perfect day for you to think of all the happy memories you have had there :o)What a shame about the wrong sort of snow! LOL Happy Christmas to you and Max Jill xx

  2. That looks like an absolutely fabulous walk Bilbo, and I love your Christmas tree, it's a beauty. Is it in the dining hall?

  3. Sure looked a great day to be out ,lots of snow and cake my kind of day.

  4. Well spotted SewAli, yes it is where you thought, on the left-hand side of the door into the sitting room.

  5. Merry Christmas, glad to see you did your memorial walk. To absent friends ... :)

  6. What a splendid reward for confronting your demons and getting out there - the right decision!

    Remember that you gave Ollie the best years of his life, and that in his own way he would have wanted you to enjoy Rannerdale Knotts yesterday, and to shed a tear as you remembered him and all of the good times.

    Superb photos by the way! {jealous}

  7. What a great way to spend Christmas day. Like you, we have specila places that remind us of our little dog.Gone but not forgotten

    best wishes

  8. Amazing blue sky in your pics - wonderful!

    Rather you than me, though - I don't fancy all that chilliness at all (but concede that I would have enjoyed it thouroughly if you'd been able to prise my out of the chair in front the fire!)

  9. Hi Jayne, looks like the perfect Christmas Day walk to me, I bet you're glad you returned. I've got some of those spikes but haven't used them yet this winter...

  10. What a lovely day - and thank you so much for posting those pictures. Yes, confronting your demons is hard but transforming. Doing something physical at the same time was the way to go, I suspect. Merry Christmas/Yule and Happy New Year!


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