Monday, 21 December 2009

I'd prefer snow

Which is a rash statement at the best of times; I only like snow in the distance where I can look at it and say "how pretty".

Whilst the rest of the country is covered in white stuff we get ice. When I fed the birds earlier we had a gentle rain falling and turning to ice the minute it hit the ground. Looking out of the study window at the cars going by I can see our road is an ice rink.

This is the balcony outside my study. The hail stones are freezing solid the moment they land.

No views because the clouds are low and the fells are probably getting even more snow as I type.

No Solstice sunrise here today.


  1. I LOVE snow, though it is a nuisance if you have to get somewhere. That white pebbly stuff is how it started in Yorkshire, it's amazing how quickly it can build up! I hope management doesn't have to go too far this week.

  2. Thanks SewAli, Management is on holiday until the New Year, thankfully, and we don't have plans to go very far from home.

  3. Stop moaning and get sewing! {gg} Some of us are working for a while yet! So cold here, I had to put an overcoat on to go to the garage to get the potatoes for tea. Warming steak & kidney stew - yum yum!


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