Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Fieldfare 9, Cotoneaster berries 0

You know it's cold when a small flock (nine - Management counted them) of Fieldfares arrive to gorge on the cotoneaster berries.

I love these occasional visitors.


  1. Lovely to see them Bilbo. Cotoneaster being one of my few hated plants, I'd be happy to have the fieldfares detroy them! (But then what would they eat next year? I know, YOU can grow them!)

  2. I passed two feet from a blackbird raiding cotoneaster berries from a bush near my car the other day and wondered how the Bag End Berry Buffet was doing - and the answer's that it's not faring too badly .

    Sorry I've been "absent" lately, but everything went nuts - but at least I'm now off work until 5th, and will be heading north in two days' time. Bliss.


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