Friday, 11 December 2009

A different sunrise

Not as dramatic as earlier this month but just as welcome - any morning when I can see the silhouette of the fells means it might not rain, and these days That Is A Good Thing!

It does mean it was extremely cold last night and there's ¼" of frost on the car which will have to be removed before I set off for Wordsworth House. It also means that using the Papcastle lane to cut through into Cockermouth might not be a terribly smart move this early and I will need to allow time to go via the Maryport Road. Husband nearly came a serious cropper on ice using that road last week and his car grips the road better than mine . . .

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  1. Foggy down here today - and a frost too last night - there are often advantages working from home! My fresh air quota will be met when I walk up to the monthly farmers' market in the town today - but I think I will be scurrying back to the warm! Brr!


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