Sunday, 20 December 2009

A cold weekend

The rest of England and much of Scotland has a thick blanket of snow but thankfully Bag End has been spared. Barely half an inch has fallen here today but in the distance, the rooftops of Cockermouth are white as are many of the fields around the town.

Our view of the fells has been replaced with this thick band of cloud from which will probably fall much more white stuff.
The mess of stones and flood-carried rubbish can be clearly seen
The water level in the Derwent is finally dropping, a month after the floods, to reveal some of the debris washed down river - this transit-type van is now visible.

At the Bag End buffet visitor numbers are up. I'm refilling all the feeders two or three times and day and keeping the water containers free of ice as much as possible. The birds and squirrels still need to drink and feathers still need to be cleaned.

Not walking on water - standing on a brick!

Both our regular squirrel visitors have been busy stocking up on sunflower seed hearts, usually when I don't have the camera to hand . . .

. . . and I have just realised that much of this post is more suited to the "other" blog, given that I try to keep this one strictly garden-related, but I'm not changing it now!


  1. Funny to see the snow across the valley but not on your side!

    Bloody cold & icy here - us townies normally gain a degree or two compared to the less built-up areas, but even so the temp isn't forecast to rise barely above freezing for the next few days. The gritted roads are far safer to be out on than the pavements at the mo!

    No chance of getting to the Hill - have retreated to the kitchen to bake!

  2. I don't know how the little birds cope, let alone bathe in freezing water.


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