Sunday, 4 October 2009

A typical Sunday, but I'm not complaining

First there was the horrid bit:

Moved 45 bags of filthy rubbish from the loft to the driveway. Skip due shortly. I estimate this is a tad under half of the muck that is to be removed.

Am not at all happy with this but have no idea what the alternative is - in a normal week we home compost everything we can and our local council recycle surplus paper, cardboard, cans, bottles (glass & plastic) and whatever green waste I cannot fit onto the compost heap, therefore Management and I produce less than the equivalent of a black bag of landfill rubbish. The old insulation will, therefore, equate to about two years worth of our rubbish.

Moving swiftly on - "Can you tell what it is yet?"

Management finished painting these structures whilst I split lots of logs and made kindling.

The nearest frame still has to have its legs set in concrete and a "skirt" welded on to bridge the gap between the frame and the soil.

Is it really October? This was our view at 4.00 when we sat with a much needed cuppa when the tools were packed away and we'd both had enough.

and now - a cold beer and a hot bath.


  1. Sounds as busy as my Sunday. It's lovely to accomplish so much but fairly knackering too!

  2. I reckon it's the base for your greenhouse.

    Lovely view.

  3. You have been working hard! But do tell, what on earth are those green frames????

  4. Yuk - 'orrible bags for the skip!

    I hope that the bigger frame is the one for the greenhouse, but I suspect not...

  5. I just so enjoy your blog and pictures. Husband was peering at your green thingamagig and wanted to know what it is. I was wondering if it is a greenhouse, myself.


  6. Well done girls. The frame nearest the log store (grid-like) will be topped with wood - similar to a deck - and the shed will rest on this. The rectangular frame is for a greenhouse - you got your wish Hazel!

    As with the pergola/canopy thing, we chose to have these made in steel in the hope they will last longer than timber frames and it was cheaper than having huge concrete slabs poured.

  7. do you never stop Bilbo? what a fantastic days work and I bet the tea tasted like the best cuppa you've ever had

  8. Oooh, you're making such huge progress now! I like the idea of steel frames, and it looks like your shed's going to be a decent size. Presumably this is so you can reclaim the garage, something we desperately need to do. Nothing you can do about the old insulation I'm afraid, but at least you do your bit most of the time :o).

  9. I'd hoped that the bigger one was for your g/h - but I guess we all need a big shed too.

    ...especially those of us with an eye on a ride-on lawn mower!

  10. Thanks Ali, the shed base is 12' x 12' and the shed will be 12 x 10, I'll use the rest for waterbutt, wheelbarrow, etc.

    The greenhouse frame is 16 long x 8'5" wide - Hazel should be pleased! Himself is very keen to reclaim the garage so that he can fill it with bike stuff.

  11. PS: Hazel, don't panic, the shed floor area is 120 sq ft, the greenhouse is 136 sq ft . . . .

    don't tell Management but shed overflow has a habit of finding its way back to the garage!

  12. nipitinthebud said... do you never stop Bilbo?

    Not very often! Usually when I am (a) too tired to do any more (b) need to eat (c) it's got dark or started to rain!


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