Thursday, 8 October 2009


I've never had a problem with the majority of folk believing or suspecting that I am mad, it can make life simpler if most people think you are completely barking. Whilst I might not mind being considered strange, I've not always agreed with the majority view, however, I am now prepared to concede that you might all have a point. Why would any sane person willingly subject themselves to this?

Another 20 bags today plus a plastic tub filled with detritus from previous workmen. This was an electrician's rubbish dump found under a sheet of old rockwool. There are no photos of the rodent corpse or prolific droppings.

There will be no gardening for the foreseeable future. The skip arrives tomorrow morning, also expected are a large quantity of bags for the heavy duty vacuum, extra long poles for the vac so I can reach into the eaves, replacement filters for my face mask, and new protective glasses - Management insisted and as he was doing all the online ordering, I saw no reason to argue.

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  1. Mad? You?

    Can't think who would say that.

    When you finished by saying "no gardening" for the foreseeable future, I thought perhaps you were planning a quiltingfest, but then I read the list of goodies Management ordered and realised that's not what you're going to be doing at all.

    Now, who says you're mad?


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