Saturday, 3 October 2009

Autumnwatch, without turning on the TV

This feeder was full at 8.00am.

A small, red, gorgeous native has been busy emptying it all morning, despite high winds and occasional rain.

Our pheasant family are now daily visitors, it is wonderful to watch how quickly this young male's plumage is developing. Today we have been visited by all 5 - mum, 2 girls and 2 boys. I'm putting out mixed corn, sold as chicken food by the local feed merchant, very inexpensive and definitely acceptable to these pretty birds.

Another nut thief - this time going after the bird peanuts.


  1. Looks like your getting plenty of visitors.

  2. Your reds are beautiful - as ever - but the woodpecker takes my breath away! Cracking photos, Bilbo - keep 'em coming.

  3. wow, it's really busy in your garden isn't it? Who needs TV?

  4. I love the one of him hunched over nibbling his nut thinking no-one's watching. We don't get any reds down, just greys. A friend's neighbour found one in his garden, caught him and released it back into the country park down the road (where he probably came from). Life in the city is no place for a squirrel, I'm not sure they fair too well with car dodging!

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies. In the hunched photo he is busy burying another blasted nut outside the kitchen window!

    Nic - sorry, but your friend's neighbour is breaking the law. It is illegal to release a grey squirrel anywhere - hell, we even have idiots bring the bloody things into the Lake District to release them.

    If anyone catches a grey, for whatever reason, it must be humanely despatched.

    A Google search for grey squirrel control/erradication will give you lots of information.


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