Wednesday, 7 October 2009


The seasons turn and small events become annual markers.

It doesn't take long for a tractor with flail to turn this:

into this:

Later than last year (mid September) which pleases me - the hedge at the front of our garden is full of a busy family of wrens and I suspect they also fossick around in this hawthorn.

Am also pleased to have captured one little mouse in the garden who has been relocated and won't be coming back and no more in the house since our previous visitation.


  1. That's exactly what I was going to say.

  2. Just think how long that would take to do by hand, and a tractor can do it in seconds!

  3. Olá amiga!
    Seu cantinho é tudo de bom...
    Lindo, criativo e interessante...
    Parabéns pelo seu alegre!
    Espero você em:
    Uma ótima semana!
    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    Itabira - Brasil


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