Monday, 14 September 2009

Wood-burning stove, final part

Yes, it is finally lit and it's wonderful!

OK, let's be a little more accurate here, it was finally lit for the first time on 5th September and it has taken me until now to get the darn pictures out of the camera and onto the blog!

We had small fires on the Friday and Saturday night. Don't care, they were still fun and it was great to see some of the Leylandii finally put to good use. Even burning just three logs the stove is putting out a great amount of heat and has confirmed our plans to change door positions in the room and allow the surplus heat into the main body of the house, rather than towards the (never used) front door as is currently the case. Oh what fun, more building work - won't even begin to consider that before next summer.

We had an unexpected guest on Sunday and of course could not miss that opportunity to light the stove again. It was lovely to sit around after dinner and chat whilst watching the flames - who needs TV?

Unsurprisingly, we are no further along with the decorating and then it got warm & dry so the garden took priority . . .


  1. Hoooraaaaay, that's so exciting to see the first flames in the beast. It looks wonderful, you're going to be glued to it this winter!

  2. That looks wonderful. I am sniffing hard to try and get the smell of the wood burning, but I can't. Perhaps I'll have more luck in the winter when you make really BIG fires?


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