Saturday, 12 September 2009

Not your normal garden gazebo/pergola thing

but then, Bag End isn't your normal nice tidy residential garden thing! (This all happened end of June > mid July, and you all know why I am weeks behind with posting and stuff ....)

We badly needed something to give us a little shade when sitting in the front garden. The first (obvious) idea was a wooden pergola, then we got to thinking what state that might be in in 10 years time. Knowing how wood rots up here, imagine the mess if vertical posts in the ground collapse when covered with a heavy Wisteria? Not sure how the lateral thinking kicked in, but Management and a chap we know in the village (who happens to be a welder - fortunate that), designed our own unique gazebo/pergola/canopy thing!

Keith has done a brilliant job, and very quickly too. He delivered the parts one week after agreeing a design and price, and we spray painted the whole lot one very hot Sunday.

Holes dug in ground,

Holes drilled in house wall (I hate that bit)

Bolts at the back (too close to the glass to weld, and none of us fancied the cost of replacing that window)

Welds at the front (end caps to be fitted later)

I am more than a little concerned about the "sag" in the front horizontal bar. The Men Involved In This Project tell me that I do not need to worry. Hmmm, The Men Involved In This Project are not gardeners and have no idea how much weight there is in a few fully grown climbers . . . We do have a "Plan B" which is, should we be concerned about the weight on the front wall of the house, to add uprights at the front outside corners but I think we're going to need something to support the middle, and that will obstruct the view, and Husband does not want anything in the way of the view . . .

Horizontal bars have been pre-drilled and some 5mm steel bar is going to be threaded through to make a grid to help the climbers.

Now "all" I have to do is sort out some form of raised beds (at least 1m square) to give a decent volume of soil to complement the poor stuff under the patio, and start planting. Wonder if I will get this done any faster than some of the other things that I am meant to be doing at Bag End?


  1. I can well imagine the mess if wooden supports (ie my 2 rustic arches) collapse and therefore no longer support between them, two climbing roses, a wisteria,and three clematis! Good thinking Bilbo!


    PS I can do gas welding!!!

  2. Dear Gas Welder

    DAMN, wish I'd known that. You'd have definitely got B&B with a view in exchange for welding ...... Think Husband might have been a bit surprised though!

  3. Can't make out if the apparent bow on the long front piece is due to on optical illusion or not.

    Personally, I would have been happier with a few quids' worth of advice from a structural engineer to be on the safe side...

    But I can imagine how lovely this will be in future years. Perhaps a grapevine growing there...?

    That Jill's a versatile girl, isn't she? {grin}

  4. Hazel, I agree with you on the structural engineer front but Husband "knows about these things" and Keith used to teach apprentices how to weld. Most of the weight of the canopy is in the ground (you can't see the concrete footings). Yes, there is a small bow on that horizontal bar - but when you consider it is 4.5m long that's not surprising.

    Grapes are an outside possibility, we'll start with Honeysuckle and Clematis (Montana varieties).

    Don't be surprised to see uprights added to the front in the future - determined Hobbits and all that!

  5. look forward to seeing it clad in climbers next year :o)

  6. Nic, I think it might be a year or two before it is fully clad . . .


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