Friday, 18 September 2009

Gardening as a mental health aid

sub-title: thoughts on love and death

You don't get this close to half a century without (apparently) learning a few things, one of which is 'never say never again' but right now, I cannot entertain the thought of taking another dog into our lives. Sure, I'd love the company, the cuddles, the walks and the games but I really don't know if I can also set myself up for the pain, the loss, the absolutely inevitable that will come all too soon.

Grief is a nasty little b*gger, and just when you think it's back in the box with the lid firmly closed, out it comes, sneaking up behind you when you are not looking and wham!, smacks you around the back of the knees dropping you in one swift stroke.

So after a domesticated morning filling the freezer and the store cupboards it was time to get outside. First, attack nettles, thistle, rosebay willow herb, brambles and assorted detritus and semi-clear this area (strategically ignoring the ground elder for now).

Followed by cleaning up a pile of thickish branches which will eventually find their way into the log store. Filled the green trolley four times and also cleared away some of the muck in the corner. There are worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon than wielding a brush hook with Extreme Prejudice.

Found a tiny (1" long) toad under the pile and carried it to the other end of the garden where hopefully it will be safe. That's about the 5th or 6th I have found this month. Makes cutting the grass a bit of a worry . . .
When you can look at a mess like this and think "that's an improvement", you KNOW you're in trouble {grin}.


  1. Back to the bag end we know. Will the clearing up of wood ever end?

  2. I sincerely hope so . . . . . If the dry weather holds we are hoping for a bonfire tomorrow night to get rid of a bit more of the rubbish.

  3. I'm getting very worried you know. What on earth will you do with your time when you've got the garden how you want it (ie in about 20 or so years time?)?

  4. Hmm let me think about that - for a nanosecond. Maybe I will walk in the fells, sew, sit and read? You can bet I won't be bored though!

  5. I'm getting very worried you know. What on earth will you do with your time when you've got the garden how you want it

    I was thinking if I timed a move to the lakes right maybe she could start on my garden lol

  6. The future chickies will clear up the ground elder!

  7. Ha! Ollie looks like a yeti! {g}

    Be careful with that brush-hook, missus - you want to make sure that you have the same number of limbs before and after!

  8. Thanks Hazel, I am treating my fingers just like daffodil bulbs (counting them out and counting them back in again!).

    Flummery - I am not sure there are any chickens who want to consume as much ground elder as we've got.

    Angela - behave yourself!


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