Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday 11 September

It's that time of year again - morning mist and the inversion potential for fellwalkers who start early.

Skiddaw and Ullock Pike peeping out of the mist

Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head and Grasmoor

And what happens when you click on something silly in Photoshop . . .


  1. It looks like a glorious morning to come, Bilbo!

    It's lovely to see those views - although the photoshop-jigged one is a bit odd!

  2. Thanks Hazel, the cloud has burned off to almost clear blue sky, very hot! I'm working on that looooong bed at the front getting it ready for daffodil bulbs and having to wear a hat, long-sleeved shirt and factor 40!

    The weirdo photo had a "solarise" effect added. As you say, bit odd {grin}

  3. I know that the long bed has been niggling at you (not to say the lawn) - but don't overdo it! Best to call it a day at a sensible hour with a cup of tea (and that wonderful view) & be able to move tomorrow...

    Doing my own bulb planting at the Hill tomorrow, so any easy planting tips most appreciated...

  4. Hi Bilbo, It was like that here this morning, minus the mountains of course! Low mist over the river with a mediterranean blue sky above it. It's scorching now ,,, summer at last!

    Gorgeous photos ,,, I like the photoshopped one too. Good luck with the daffs!


  5. Either we got up too late or the mists stopped when we were in the Lakes.

    They certainly look great, hope you get plenty more to enjoy.


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