Sunday, 13 September 2009

By our standards, a "normal" Sunday

Autumn is coming and our cotoneasters are laden with berries, does this mean it is going to be another hard winter?

It won't be long before all the leaves are down.

Yes, that is one of Ollie's footballs by the bench, I'll move it when I am good and ready.

We both spent all day working outside. A couple of weeks ago the Log Store acquired a front screen made from the cheap rush matting you can use as semi-permanent fencing. The jury is still out - I think it looks a bit suburban for Bag End but it is doing a good job at keeping the rain off the front of the store until the shed is built and provides more solid protection.

My task was to clear away the huge pile of tree root that had been laying to the right of the store.

Husband's task involved a sprayer unit and much paint, can be seen in the bottom right of the picture. It took us the best part of the day to complete our respective tasks, which just left three huge tree stumps that had been laying on the lawn for far too long.

It might take us a long time to get started on some jobs, but never under-estimate a determined Hobbit and a very strong Husband (who really enjoyed the final bit with the pressure washer!) Before the fun part there was much chipping away at the stumps to remove all the mud and stones - they were a lot lighter and easier to move when we'd done that! These three will probably end up as firewood, we still have two very large cherry stumps to clean which might find themselves rotting gently as a feature in a future shrub bed.

And once again, exhausted, we packed up and went inside. A "normal" Sunday by Bag End standards, but with this view, who cares?

To see all of the panorama, click on the photo. Back button to return. It's about time I made the effort to learn how to lock the exposure for these sorts of shots (or learnt how to use Photoshop properly)


  1. Jayne, I just can't tell you how much I enjoy watching your blog. Your view is so wonderful, and I am very happy to know that you are living your dream with eyes open, to (sort of) quote T.E. Lawrence. Enjoy your view for me!

  2. Bilbo you live in such a beautiful part of the world (we love views like that enroute to Scotland). And I can understand now where Ollie got his enormous sticks from! Such a fabulous playground for him, no wonder he had such a happy life with you :o)

  3. Kimmy darling, THANK YOU for saying hello. Aren't we a useless pair at keeping in touch {giggle}.

    Nic, Scotland is our other favourite place in the world too!


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