Friday, 11 September 2009

Advice from Hazel

It has finally stopped raining (was it wet for all of August or did it just feel like it?).

Hazel left a lovely comment on the other blog saying: I know that the long bed has been niggling at you (not to say the lawn) - but don't overdo it! Best to call it a day at a sensible hour with a cup of tea (and that wonderful view) & be able to move tomorrow...

She knew that on Thursday afternoon I had spent four hours with the lawnmower and only cut two-thirds of it. More than three weeks growth is a h*ll of a lot of cut and an awful lot of clippings to fit into the compost bin.

Friday: Started at 10.00, worked two-thirds of the day on that long front bed (took so long because every neighbour who walked past or drove by stopped to say hello). Occasional breaks for food and drink! This was followed by another session with the lawnmower and managed to get nearly all the grass semi-under control. Half an acre is great - half an acre that is all to grass is a pain in the wotsit. Expect to see large areas made into beds full of low maintenance shrubs, perennials and bulbs.

Was sitting down, exhausted but admiring the view, when Husband decided to stop work and said "do you want to get the pole pruner out" ... so we made a start on reducing the height of the magnolia tree, and that led to working on the ivy-covered cotoneaster the other end of the plot, and that led to him getting the chainsaw out ......

Unfortunately I read Hazel's sterling advice to call it a day at a sensible hour, etc., at about 7.00pm which which time it was too late, but oh, how I laughed!


  1. neighbourly chats - so good for the soul but not so good for the task list :o)

  2. Flummery - perhaps I could borrow a couple from the field opposite?

    Nic: Very true but it was good to see all these people and I did not mind the time it took. I used to see many of them every day on one of Ollie's gentle walks around the block and I had not spoken to some of these folk since he died.

    PS: All those caterpillars are GROSS!

  3. Do you fancy a goat? Security, grass cutting and goat's milk/cheese all in one handy package...

  4. A goat ......... all this sun has gone to your head, m'dear!


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