Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wood-burning stove, part 4

Nearly done . . . but first, carry 150kg of stove into the house

It looks quite small when the crate is removed

Much time taken to replaster the chimney breast

I went outside for a few minutes and missed the final installation!

Sometime during the last 24 hours It Was Decided that not only do we need new curtain rails, but new curtains as well (the ones which came with the house were not really wide enough). Think we've found some reasonably priced ready-mades which will serve us well, in the meantime new rug needs to flatten and we have to sort out fire tools and so on.

Great frustration because plaster has to be allowed to dry and we cannot light the stove until the end of next week. We will be busy during that time because Management wants to strip the wallpaper from the whole of that wall and paint it all, not just the chimney. He's right, of course.

(Little note for SewAli and the Lumberjack - it is a Stovax Huntingdon 30)


  1. Now doesn't that look smart! Wonderful!

    You have a great incentive to get the decorating done now in time for the Grand Firelighting!

  2. That looks fantastic Bilbo, you and management must be thrilled. Let's hope the weather doesn't get cold before you can light it, there's no telling in this country :o).


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