Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wood-burning stove, part 3

After the demolition, now the re-building.

On the schedule for today was a lime render in the fireplace, a cement-based undercoat on the chimney breast, and TA DA fitting the slate hearth.

Top coats of plaster tomorrow and the Stove is due to be fitted but we have been told that we can't use it for 5 - 8 days until the plaster is dry. Oh boo hoo - right now it is cold, wet, windy - absolutely the right weather for lighting a wood burning stove and all we can do for the first week is look at it!


  1. Ooooo, the ceremonial lighting should coincide with my proximity.

    What's the betting that in a week's time it's sunny and warm? Never mind, the depths of winter will ensure it gets plenty of use.

  2. Well, I hope for your sake that it IS sunny and warm when you visit, and I am sure there will be a time in the near-ish future when you sit in front of the flames toasting your tootsies!

  3. I completely sympathise as I lit my Morso last night in Keswick because it was so miserable all day. When you do get it, cadge as much wood from neighbours as you can, mine has kept going for years on Manor Park wood ripped out from perfectly good windows etc. They still come round with stuff they know we will dispose of for them.

  4. Progress indeed, Bilbo! Can't wait to see the stove in situ - mulled wine in front of the stove at Christmas at Bag End, I bet...

    Note you're still to shorten the curtains... {grin}

    I think that it is safe to say that Bilbo is not going to have to cadge too much wood anytime soon, Lyn - the wood store looks pretty full.

  5. I hope it's sunny and warm in just over a weeks time or we might abandon the tent and come and help you light it.

    Love the slate is it Cumbrian slate?

  6. It looks like your woodburner saga is going to have a lot less parts than ours LOL! That hearth is to die for, very much worth the expense, can't wait to see the stove in there.

  7. Lyn, hello and thanks for your message. Definite "Twilight Zone" moment 'cos I have been meaning to contact YOU about the EG ....

    Hazel, the curtains don't need shortening - the curtain track needs replacing before it falls off the wall.

    Angela, SewAli, yes - of course it is Cumbrian green slate and thank you, now it is in it looks great but there were some anxious moments this morning 'cos you don't know really what you will get until the block is cut and it was not what I was expecting. However, it is much greener than expected (doesn't really show in the photo) and has some interesting artifacts/fossils.

  8. Nearly there now then. Love the slate. As for not being able to use it soon, the way this summer's going, I don't think you'll have to wait long somehow.


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